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Book Review



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Did you like the book? (Yes/No) Why?

Which characters you liked most? Why?


S. No.   01                                                                                         Date:24-07-2018


  1. Author  :  Jerome K. Jerome
  2. Title  : Three Men in a Boat
  3. Name of the Publisher : Orient Black Swan Pvt. Ltd.
  4. Place of Publication : Delhi
  5. Year of Publication : 2011
  6. Acc. No —-.SUMMARY-

Three Men in a Boat (To Say Nothing of the Dog) by Jerome K. Jerome was first published in 1889. It is the fictional story of three London friends and a dog taking a leisurely boat trip up the River Thames, from Kingston-upon-Thames to Oxford. It is narrated by ‘J.’, whose companions are George (awarded no surname), William Samuel Harris and the dog, Montmorency.

During a sociable evening in J.’s room, the three men convince themselves that they each have various illnesses. Their collective diagnosis is overwork, and they prescribe themselves a fortnight’s holiday. A stay in the country and a sea voyage are both ruled out, and they settle instead on a boating trip, travelling on the Thames by day and camping out in the hired boat at night.

They set out the following Saturday. George must work in the City in the morning, and so arranges to join them later that day. The other two, accompanied by the dog and a mountain of luggage, get a cab to Waterloo station, but are unable to find the correct train to Kingston. Eventually they bribe the driver of another train to take them there instead, one of the many humorous set-pieces that make the book more than a straightforward travelogue. George completes the trio at Weybridge, with a dubious-looking parcel tucked under his arm, which turns out to be a banjo and instruction book.


  1. Did you like the book? (Yes/No) Why?

Yes, because characters are very good.

  1. Which characters you liked most? Why?

J K. J, because he is nice character.

Theme/ Idea /Moral of the book/story

It is the book which tells about original experience.


S. No.     02                                                                                       Date: 25/07/2018

  1. Author of the Book            :           Jules Verne
  2. Title of the Book                :           Around the world in 80 Days
  3. Name of the Publisher     :           Dhingra publishing house
  4. Place of Publication          :           New Delhi
  5. Year of Publication            :           2009
  6. Acc. No.                                 :

Summary of the Book 

Around the world in 80 days

Around the world in 80 days, by only listening the title of the story one can understand what is present inside the story. This is very interesting and adventurous story. The main characters in this story are Phileas Fogg, Passepartout & Aounda.

Philies Fogg is a member of reform club (club of playing cards).Once upon a time; he attends reform club plays cards and goes home till the midnight. As soon as the night approaches on person suddenly appears to the front of his door, fogg says,”is your name John. He says “yes”. Then Fogg tells him what he wants he says that he wants to become the servant of Fogg.  Fogg says ok. He called him passepartout.

Next day, when Fogg reaches the club he listens that a robber has robbed 55000 thousand pounds from a bank. Many detectives were very confused for catching him. The chief detective said,”the robber must have been run away to foreign land or any other country. Fogg was beside them and he wanted that he should speak to the detectives. Funnily he said,” today’s development is increasing with a great speed one can travel around the world in 80 days. All of the detectives were so shocked and one of the detectives said,” you can’t be so sure. Fogg was so sure and said I can’t be wrong, the detective said if you will do what you said then I will give you 2000 pounds as you win the bet.

Next day, Fogg stared his journey with passepartout their first point was to reach France. Newspapers all over the England were betting over the Fogg’s journey. One of the detective whose name was fix thought that Fogg was only the robber of the bank and hence he was trying to escape from police to other countries. Hence after that he tried to follow him. Fogg was now at Suez canal .At Suez canal Fix asked Passepartout is your  master (Fogg)just roaming to visit new places .Then Passepartout said ,”he is not interested in places he is interested in time.

Their next station was to reach Bombay (Mumbai). As usual Fogg was on time. When they reached Bombay Fogg wanted to take rest. But Passepartout said that he want to just see Bombay.

He heard about the culture and the customs of India and hence saw a temple and wanted to enter the temple and h entered temple when he was watching the structure of the temple from inside two priests came towards him and pointed their fingers towards the shoes of Passepartout. He was not told that it is not allowed to wear shoes inside the temple. The two priests caught and beat him. He ran and was left by the priests.

Fogg was now all right. Fogg and Passepartout just had a walk on the path. They both looked that a woman was being killed by the priests. They both rescued the girl and said,” what is your name.She said that her name is Aounda; she was a daughter of a merchant and was forcefully marrying the king. She attempted to run from the palace hence the king ordered the priests to kill her and at last said thanks you.Fogg asked her, “will you travel with us. She said yes.

Now there were 4 members.The next station was to reach’Rangoon’ from Calcutta to Hong Kong .They were travelling from bus and reached ‘Rangoon’.When they reached Fix said to Passepartout that you’re  wasting your time your master is a robber and hence Passepartout understood that he was a detective.

The next station was to reach Hong Kong .They was the little bit of late at Rangoon hence the ship from which they were sailing to the Hong Kong was left. He thought that he will lose this challenge. But, at last he got a hope that he heard that “Carnatic” named ship was also moving to Hong Kong. So he had to pay extra to reach Hong Kong.

Suddenly Passepartout came smoking. He asked him to smoke but he refused. Then Fix told him to help him to catch his master .He said no.

Next day, it was a sunny day .Fogg saw that there is no Passepartout he asked all of them but nobody said anything. Train came and Fogg had to leave for next station ’Henrietta’. After he reached there Passepartout was appeared there and he said that he was undertake and asked to work in circus and he had to work forcefully in the circus.

The time was now coming to reach their hometown. Fogg loved Aounda very much but he was not able to express. But at last he thought if he would not tell her then she will marry any other person. He reached to Aounda’s room an told her that he wants to tell her something and told that he loves her. On listening this Aounda comes close to Fogg and he kisses her and told that he wants to marry her. She said yes.

Fix thought it was over the limit and decides to arrest Fogg as soon as possible and he arrests Fogg by giving the arrest warrant in his hands. All the members were very angry.  Suddenly,one person came and said the real robber has been arrested.

Fogg wins the bet.


  1. 1.       Did you like the book? (Yes/No) Why? Yes, I like this book because it gives us moral that nothing is impossible.
  2. 2.       Which characters you liked most? Why? The most impressive characters in this story are philies fogg &passepartout. Because they are only the main characters of this story.


Theme/ Idea /Moral of the book/story

The moral of this story is that a man can face any challenge or nothing is impossible.

Conclusion– The conclusion from this novel  is that we can face any challenge.