Sample Papers Released by CBSE


CBSE Sample Papers 2020

Dear Sir,
We have created a single PDF file from which you can access all 10th class sample papers. This file is attached herewith. This file has following papers :
(1) English Class X ( 10 Set)
(2) Hindi A Class X ( 10 Set)
(3) Hindi B Class X ( 10 Set)
(4) Sanskrit (10 Set)
(5) Social Science X ( 15 Set)
(6) Science Class X ( 10 Set)
(7) Maths Standard ( 10 Set)
(8) Maths Basic ( 10 Set)
(9) Social Science X ( 10 Set) Hindi Medium

These papers are based on the sample papers released by CBSE on 19th September and very useful for practice. We have included solved and unsolved both version on file. You can also get above sample paper by whatsapp from whataspp no 8905629969 or  by mail from

If you don’t find any attachment with this mail, you can download this papers file from following link :

CBSE 2020 Sample Paper File

Please download this PDF and distribute among students and teachers.


A Mission to Provide Free books

PS : Please note that is not affiliated to CBSE Delhi in any manner. Website is a private non profit website and works to provide free books to students.

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