Free Online Tutorials for Samskrit Students of KVS

Samskrit Promotion Foundation (SPF) has developed free online tutorials for all the Samskrit textbooks of KVS (NCERT/CBSE) from 6th to 12th Standard with the financial support of ONGC-CSR. These tutorials may be useful in Smart Classrooms or in any ICT enabled classes as these tutorials include 500+ video. Each lesson includes meaning of every word, grammatical explanation, pictorial presentation, pronunciation, songs, games etc. Also, class-wise Mobile-App is available in Google Playstore for free download. Students can utilize the free of cost online tutorials available on the website

   Download Offline Android App For NCERT/CBSE Samskrit Books Class 6th to 12th    
Primary Level 
Middle / Secondary Level
  • Class 6

  • Class 7

  • Class 8

Higher Secondary Level
  • Class 11

  • Class 12

Primary Level

Middle / Secondary Level
Higher Secondary Level
  • Video Songs

  • Audio Songs

  • Script Songs

  • Subhashitani

  • Raghuvamsham

  • Ramayanam

  • Mahabharatam

  • The Physics of Vaiseshika 

Technical Terms
  • Maths

Technical Terms
  • Science

Technical Terms
  • History



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